Web 2.0


A Linked Heritage presence has been extended across Web 2.0 channels. Video interviews have been made showcasing Linked Heritage WP leaders, where they discuss their WPs main challenges. The videos have been published in the VIMEO platform and embedded in the project website as well as the Michael Culture Association website.


In addition a page on Linked Heritage has been created in the platform Scoop.it. Scoop.it is a power publishing platform that states Share ideas that matter on beautiful topic pages. Cut through the noise on Social Media. Inviting everyone to become a publisher. Scoop.it in essence drives users directly to the content that relates to their favorite topic.


A Linkedin profile has just been created and before the end of the project.


The Linked Heritage Wiki, has proved to be a very useful tool that supports the activities of WP3, and has already been described in D7.5. It offers generic information on the objectives of the work package as well as technical information and documents relevant for the deliverables expected for this WP. The Wiki is mainly updated by members of the WP3 working group but contents may also be shared with experts who may have an interest in and/or to access expertise specifically on terminology issues.