New Europeana Business Plan


The new Europeana Business Plan has just been published.

It has been edited in order to truly reflects the needs, priorities and insight of the whole Europeana community.

Three were the priorities which emerged during the Business Planning discussions:

Europeana is an Ecosystem

This priority is a key focus for the Europeana Network, and it is excellent to see it embedded right at the heart of what Europeana will do in the coming months. The aim is threefold:

  1. To increase the size of the network, to ensure that it is representative of all of Europeana’s stakeholder communities;
  2. To create a community of activists, promoting the value and importance of Europeana as a shared opportunity for the culture sector, and;
  3. To structure the community, so that everyone has a clear role and an active contribution to make

The success of the Europeana ecosystem depends on all the community spreading the word, encouraging colleagues to join and participating actively in Europeana’s work.

Europeana Foundation is a Core Service Platform

It is in all of the community's interests to ensure that Europeana continues to thrive. Establishing its role and value as a Core Service Platform under the revised EU budget proposals is vital to ensure that it can fulfil the potential built up over the past 5 years. As you will have seen from Henning Scholz’s previous message, Europeana depends on the community's active support in promoting this message to national communities, MEPs and policymakers.

The Value of Opening Up

The idea of a Cultural Commons for Europe is a central principle of the Business Plan, and it is great to see it given pride of place here. In many ways, the Europeana Network already looks like a commons community – building on a solid platform of shared values and ideals to develop open, transparent and dynamic digital services.