Dublin International Digitisation Conference "Access, Use, Re - Use: Unlocking the Potential of Online Digital Cultural Content"


17 June 2013 - International Conferences

On the June 17th there will be the International EU Presidency Conference at Dublin Castle on “Access, Use, Re-use – Unlocking the potential of online cultural content”. (Please note registration for this event will be on the official Irish Presidency website).

Irish-Presidency-of-the-Council-of-the-EU This international conference will focus on developing new access to online cultural content to support education, cultural tourism, creative industries and to provide creative new ways for people to participate in their cultural heritage. Speakers will be drawn from leading international companies in the digital field and from leading experts in the EU research and cultural heritage area. All 27 member states will be represented through their Ministries of Culture or national authorities for libraries, museums and archives with additional attendance from key European institutions and associations and all of the main cultural institutions in Ireland, north and south. The conference is funded by the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme Linked Heritage project.

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