Tartu: Conference on copyright issues related to digitisation in libraries


6-7 June 2013 - Events organised by other institutions

On 6-7 June 2013 the international conference “To Digitise or not to Digitise: Copyright, Public Domain, Orphan Works and Other Issues” will take place in the University of Tartu Library, Estonia. An open eBooks on Demand (EOD) network meeting will also be held.

The conference explores the ways how libraries could confidently make decisions about materials to be digitised, based on current and future legislation, and thus meet the users’ needs in maximum.

The speakers at the conference are:

Dr. Harald Müller, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law: “Orphan works – the new EC directive and its implementation”

Dr. Que Anh Ha, University of Innsbruck: ARROW+

Patrick Peiffer, National Library of Luxembourg: Public Domain Calculator

Dr. Rainer Kuhlen, ENCES: "Knowledge ecology and knowledge economy interests can be made compatible"

Dr. Gudrun Wirtz, Bavarian State Library: “Between legal restrictions, technological possiblities and user needs – the acquisition strategy of German Open Access Repository for East European Studies “OstDok”

Dr. Aleksei Kelli, University of Tartu: “The authorial rights in the digital economy”

Karmen Linask, National Library of Estonia: “Digital collections and legal challenges in Estonia”

Jerker Ryden, National Library of Sweden: “Interlibrary loan in the future – how to fix the digital link?”


The conference targets libraries, archives, museums and other interested parties who deal with copyright matters or are interested in providing the EOD digitisation service on demand.

Participation is free, but registration via the conference website is required latest by 15 May, 2013: http://www.utlib.ee/eod2013/registration.

For more information please visit:
the conference website http://www.utlib.ee/eod2013
EOD website: http://books2ebooks.eu

The conference is organised by the coordinator of the EOD network, University of Innsbruck Library, and University of Tartu Library.

Additional information

Silvia Gstrein, coordinator of the EOD network, University of Innsbruck, Library, silvia.gstrein@uibk.ac.at, ++43 (0)512 507 8451;
Liisi Lembinen, University of Tartu Library, liisi.lembinen@ut.ee, + 372 737 5700;
Elena Sipria-Mironov, University of Tartu Library, elena.sipria-mironov@ut.ee, +372 737 5750.

Õnne Mets, Activity Leader of the EOD dissemination; National Library of Estonia, mets@nlib.ee