Mikonos: CARARE Technical Workshop


24-25 May 2012 - Events organised by other projects

The CARARE Project are holding an International Technical Workshop in Mykonos on the 24th and 25th May.

The programme consists of an international conference on day 1 (24th May) and includes sessions on:

  • Digital applications in archaeology
  • Standards and vocabularies
  • Geospatial and 3D
Day 2 (25th May) is focused on the CARARE technical aspects with sessions on using the MINT and MORE applications for mapping metadata and ingestion into Europeana, 3D and geospatial mapping for Europeana. These sessions will focus on best practices and lessons learnt to date from the ingestion process and feedback from Europeana to help everything improve their understanding of the entire process and avoid the pitfalls.

Registration and further information is available via the CARARE website: http://www.carare.eu/eng/Activities/Events/CARARE-Workshop.

Enquiries: sheena.bassett@mdrpartners.com